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“My donating experience was excellent overall. Both MyDonor and the clinic that I worked with were very kind, helpful and professional. Even the pharmaceutical company sent Hershey’s Kisses with my hormones. It’s small gestures like those and general kindness that make a positive experience. I have no complaints and found everyone to be extremely accommodating. I’m glad I could help and that all parties involved made it so easy for me to do so. I would certainly donate again.”




“I just wanted to let you know that I had my removal today. The clinic was great! The removal was at the Jersey office and the staff there was wonderful! The anesthesiologist was great, I woke up without babbling craziness and right when the removal was done. They gave me antibiotics to start before the procedure and a prescription for pain killers after it was done which I didn’t get from either other clinic. Dr.K was really nice and made everything very comfortable. My husband was impressed with how everything went….Thanks again!”



“I had a very good experience with MyDonor and with the clinic. MyDonor was really helpful, and treated me very nicely, and so did the clinic. They took a great care of me through the entire process. I would absolutely recommend MyDonor! And I would absolutely donate again through MyDonor.”






“I want to let you know that my experience with MyDonor has been wonderful from start to finish. Everyone was exceptionally kind while always being professional. I felt comfortable with eveyone I shared personal information with and the Dr.’s office was one of the best I’ve ever been with. After coming through this experience I know I would only ever donate through MyDonor and would absolutely consider doing it more than once. Thank you for making my experience wonderful.”




MyDonor has been wonderful to me and I am so happy that I can be a part of the program. I’m sure as you know I am willing to donate again if there is a family interested, hope all is well with you and I would be more than happy to help in anyway. Hope to hear from you soon.”






“My summer was amazing! I will be back in New York for the fall as of September 1! I’d love to begin the donating process immediately if your client is still interested. I also had a great experience with the clinic from my last donation, and would love to work with them again! Can’t wait to work with you again!”






“I really liked the doctor and the clinic treated me very well. Physically, it took me about a week to feel back to normal after the retrieval, but other than that I felt fine all throughout the injections prior to the retrieval. Emotionally I was fine, except for a moment before the procedure I was very nervous about the surgery. I would consider donating again in the future.”





“Thanks for getting me involved in the donor process.…everyone that saw me was so wonderful and the experience was so fulfilling.”




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