Donor Name EGM714
Status Available
Donor Description This donor is Irish and African American. She is a certified nursing aide.
Age 26
Height 5’6″
Weight 135
Natural Hair Color Brown
Hair Type Curly
Eye Color Brown
Complexion Tan
Blood Type unknown
Ethnicity(Maternal): Caucasian and African American
Ethnicity (Paternal): African American
Religion Spiritual but not religious
Education College Graduate
Current Occupation Licensed Fireguard, CNA, and film extra.
No. Children 0
No. Pregnancies 0
No. Miscarriages 0
No. Voluntary Terminations 0
Current Medications None
Allergies None
Smoker No
Status Never donated
Talents/Hobbies Cooking, yoga, dancing, bike riding, and reading non-fiction.
Future goals Nutritionist
Rev 2019-06-21

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